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Earth in Space Lesson 1 - The Solar System

Earth in Space; The Solar System

The planet we live on is called Earth. The planet Earth is not alone, it exists in space near other planets. All of these planets, including the Earth, move around the Sun, they orbit the Sun. As they orbit the Sun, they also spin on their own axis.

The Sun itself is not a planet - it is actually a burning star that provides heat and light energy for its surrounding planets.

The Planets that make up our Solar System.

We can see that the planets are positioned at various distances from the Sun. The animation above is not shown to scale. If it was, the planets would only be shown as tiny, tiny dots since the space between them is so huge!

If you want to make a 'scale' model of our Solar System, you can find instructions on how to do so by clicking here

The further away the planet is, the colder it is on the planet. The temperature on the planet not only depends on the distance from the Sun, it also depends on the gases in the atmosphere of the planet.

Let us look in detail at these planets and their atmospheres.


Planets in our Solar System and their Atmospheres

Now, let's see if you have understood this lesson by completing the sentences below using the correct words from the word bank.

Can you find these planets and the Sun in the word search below?

Planets & The Sun Word Search


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